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Abortion, State’s Rights, and Why We Should Be Like Kansas

By Dan Griffin

Earlier this week South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham introduced Americans to one of the first possible bills to hit the floor of congress following the November midterms. This is assuming that Republicans clean up in the House and Senate as predicted for much of 2022’s calendar year. With some pull back on those predictions as of late due to polling numbers involving a very hot button issue. You guessed it…Abortion. Senator Graham’s proposed bill has to do with that very topic.

To summarize, the bill would ban abortion at the federal level after 15 weeks of pregnancy with exceptions for things like rape, incest, and health dangers for the mother. Among a few other exceptions. 

As I often try to do when it comes to hot button issues like laws surrounding abortion, I tried to take my emotions out of the equation before rendering an opinion on this possibly historic bill. I am generally a progressive, cultural libertarian type when it comes to matters of body autonomy and medicine. So as many of my avid readers and listeners may know, I was not exactly happy about the Dobbs decision to overturn Roe V Wade earlier this year. But after spending more time (than I had ever considered) reviewing the law from the perspective of an “Intellectual Idiot”, I came to the conclusion that though I wished Roe had stayed on the books, I understood that it was constitutionally a pretty flimsy precedent. I was also not willing to let progressive liberals off the hook for failing to codify a law that so many women find to be one of the most important to them.   

With decisions on abortion going back to the states after the Dobbs decision, I wasn’t necessarily happy about it. But I could live with it from a legal perspective. I chose to stay away from the fear mongering about some “Handmade’s Tail” type of Christian dystopia being peddled by the establishment democrats and limousine liberals in order to scare us into voting democrat. A vote that would simply put the democratic establishment into firm power in order to continue the status quo of promising the world and delivering a few blades of dried up crabgrass. 

So what about this bill? What makes sense about it, and what makes me want to bash my head against a fence post? Because believe it or not, this bill provides both.

Let’s start with what makes sense. The biggest thing that makes sense about this bill to me is the 15 week mark. You may ask how, as a progressive cultural libertarian type, how I can possibly believe this makes sense. The reason is based on precedent set by European nations (that folks only like to bring up when it fits their narrative. Things like socialism and climate change). The fact is that the majority of these liberal European nations have set abortion limits ranging from six weeks to 24 weeks, with most sitting between 12 and 18 weeks. It’s that simple. Nations that are widely regarded as “more liberal” than the U.S. have limits that would put us right in the middle. 

But….There are a few things that don’t make sense about this bill. The first is the issue of state’s rights. Something conservatives love to talk about (again…when convenient). The overturning of Roe v Wade gave the states the right to make their own decisions and laws regarding abortion. Great! End of story, right?! 

Wrong! Trying to put a federal ban on abortion regardless of time frame does just the opposite. That’s It. That’s all I have to say on the State’s Rights issue. It should be pretty self explanatory.

The second is the dishonest nature of this bill. While Lindsey Graham and other Republicans that support it may say things like “compromise” and tout the European limits on abortion that I just mentioned…It’s bullshit. If this bill put the abortion debate to bed. If a 15 week ban were just the law of the land and that is the end of our discussion, I’m not sure I or many Americans would be jumping for joy over it. But given the polling numbers on the subject, we’d live with it. Because it would be done. But, we all know it will only be a stepping stone. We all know the religious right will stop at nothing to procure an all out ban on abortion. And Lindsey Graham needs their votes.

To conclude: just leave it. Abortion law has been sent back to the states. The constitution worked in that regard. Now let them figure it out for themselves. With one caveat of course. Do it with ballot initiatives, not lawmakers passing laws that are clearly unpopular with the public. 

I never thought I’d say this, but let’s just all be Kansas. I always knew I’d say this as a native Detroiter…Let’s never be Indiana.

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“Y’all a bunch of goddamn idiots” – God, probably

By: Corey Walsh

“Hey, I’ve seen this one before…” words uttered by a minor who was seduced by a man four times his age to fuck around with the space time continuum and be thrusted back 30 years into the past where his very existence is at stake while he avoids an incestuous complicated relationship with his prom date/mom. If you don’t know what movie I’m talking about don’t look it up based on that description. But I too have seen this one before, a short two and a half years ago I heard a collective of half the country regurgitating the same lines we hear today, “Democracy is at stake!” or, “Their supporters are terrorists!” another good one, “They’re fascists!” and my favorite “The man is literal Hitler!” Full disclosure I felt those phrases, I posted, tweeted, screamed all these things four years ago. A younger Corey, still being wet behind the ears in the political sphere it all felt chaotic, it was chaotic. Trump, it felt that he was the exact opposite of what seemed to be “business as usual”. I mean I to wanted change but not THAT change. 

The attack on him was so polished, rehearsed, and recited from so many different outlets that he had to not just be terrible like the rest of them he must’ve been abnormally terrible. Were they right? To an extent, he is a terrible human being in his personal life and his milk toast policies of cucking to his rich friends under the guise of populism at the expense of his devout followers he so masterfully conned. For example his campaign manager as I’m typing this is being indicted on money laundering schemes from taking money from trump supporters for some wall he never built. Die hard trumpets of course will explain that away but I personally don’t waste time in that trench anymore, and you shouldn’t either. Go ahead and redirect that conversation into a class issue, it makes the conversation much more pleasant. 

An attack as precise and focused as that though only springs a counter offensive just as brutal, reciprocative, and uniform and thats where we are today. Today, the internet is filled with images of Biden with the red backdrop and marines behind him in one frame next to Hitler with the crimson backdrops and brownshirts behind him. Four years ago, we saw images of trump at a rally speech with tanks behind him or Air Force One coupled with images of Stalin or Mussolini. Today Biden is a senile, dementia ridden bafoon bumbling around the white house while at the same time behind the scenes setting the stage for some fascist takeover. Four years ago Trump was the “Cheeto in Chief,” an idiot bragging about his unfounded IQ numbers bumbling around the white house tweeting about it with his greasy McDonald’s fingers. While at the same time colluding with Russia for some fascist take over. 

Both with divisive rhetoric, both serving big donors, both expanding executive and federal power, both in a tailspin of setting terrible precedence. Yet both sides still lapping it up like were in some “Groundhogs Day” type movie nightmare. If we the people only came to the realization of the mass manipulation prescribed to us on the daily, we could cut through the bullshit and see some real everlasting change. If we decided to spend our time on pragmatic improvements to our daily lives in leu of falling for the gilded shit we’ve been peddled in a red pill blue pill type fashion, we might actually get some where. Until then the world will keep laughing, whether it’s Trump in office or Biden. Because they don’t give a shit about our privileged trivial party ideologies, they’ve seen this one before. 

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California is Killing Medicine & Raping Science

By Dan Griffin

The State of California is dangerously close to putting the way the United States  views medicine and science back into the dark ages. It’s that simple. The AB2098 bill that recently passed in the state senate comes very close to putting an autocratic ball gag on doctors and scientists in the state of California. 

The bill states that any doctor that is caught disseminating “information that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care” could face disciplinary action from the Medical Board of California or the Osteopathic Medical Board of California. This could include such doctors having their medical license suspended or revoked. It is little more than a “medical misinformation” bill.

It shouldn’t take…I dunno…A SCIENTIST to figure out at least a few reasons why this bill is not only horseshit, but utterly autocratic, unscientific, and dangerous. Doctors are already under enough pressure to “do no harm”, diagnose, and treat patients. So let’s explore a few reasons why this bill should have never even been considered. Let alone passed by any reasonable governmental body. We’ll even use a few words from the opening part of the bill itself to explain.

Up first – “MISINFORMATION” is a nonsense term that is obviously fluid. “Do no harm” is the hippocratic oath. It is the first job of any doctor who receives a license to practice medicine. It is required for every single patient a doctor treats to first “do no harm”. So let’s consider that oath as it pertains to the thing this bill is so clearly designed to counteract. Hesitancy over COVID-19 vaccinations. 

Vaccine injuries are a real thing. The more people that receive the MRNA jabs with the passage of time, the more data we see (if we choose to find it and believe it). As of July of 2020 (over two year ago), the UK’s National Health Service tracked 17.2 million individuals for three months. In that time 10,926 died from Covid-19. Amounting to less than 1%. Among young people (ages 18-39) The number of deaths was at 0.06% with many of those young people suffering from multiple comorbidities. With risks of various vaccine injuries like myocarditis in young men, however small that risk is (and there is a lot of conflicting data), is it “medical misinformation” for a doctor to tell a 19 year old college football player that he “doesn’t need the vaccine” if he’s hesitant?    Today perhaps that would be considered reasonable by most medical professionals and even much of the American public now that we know for certain these vaccines only provide protection for those that receive it. That they do not prevent the recipient from passing the virus to other individuals.  And the wonderful news that the latest strains of the virus are less deadly to all individuals that contract them.

So what’s the point? Imagine if this bill had been put into law in the State of California as the Omicron variant started to make its way to the top of the food chain passing up Delta and other more deadly strains of Covid-19. How many doctors would have suspended licenses for giving medical advice contrary to scientific consensus from back then? For upholding the hippocratic oath to “do no harm” to their very healthy and strong 19-year-old athlete of a patient? Could we go back and strip medical experts in California’s government for spreading “medical misinformation” like “the vaccine will protect you AND those around you” even well after we knew these claims were bullshit? Inside of just a few years, what has been deemed “medical misinformation” has changed many times.

Second – “SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS”. These two words should almost never even be allowed to be uttered together and taken seriously without generations of scientific research from multiple areas of the world and no government meddling in the process. Lobbyists dominate medicine and science all the time for financial gains. Misleading the populous into even worse health issues than before. These vaccines are some of the most profitable medicines ever invented! But sure, let’s just go with “scientific consensus” put down by the government. Shall we review a couple of historical examples.

  1. “Smoking Is Good For You” – Doctors in the early 20th century would prescribe cigarettes to patients to curb their appetite and help with stress and jitters. Among other ailments. When lung cancer rates began to spike in the 40s and 50s, and folks started to catch on a bit. The cigarette companies hired doctors to promote their brands and even put ads in medical journals. Medical consensus! Better start smoking again!
  1. “Opioids For Pain Management”. Need I say more on this one? It is medical consensus that they be prescribed to a billion people for their sore tooth. Better give Perdue Pharma all that lawsuit money back. Keep sucking down those Oxis, dad. I promise you won’t resort to heroin one day.
  1. “Lobotomies.” Ramming an ice pick through someone’s eyelid and removing part of their brain was a government sanctioned procedure to cure mental illness from 1936 until 1972. “You say you’re depressed, honey?” Let me run out to the garage, I can fix it!! It’s medical consensus. And government sanctioned medical consensus at that!

Obviously, I jest. But going against any of these medicines or procedures in their hayday would have been labeled “medical misinformation” and doctors would be subject to punishment from the California medical board.

It should be obvious that keeping the government out of science, and medicine in particular is what is best. California’s bill is a spiteful piece of legislation and nothing more. Because the government and their so-called medical professionals got it wrong. The CDC has admitted it now among others. Because California made the catastrophic decision to lock their citizens down with autocratic authority even when it was very obvious that it was unnecessary at best.

Government injecting itself into medicine is autocratic whether you support it or not. The autocrat on your team is still an autocrat, although one you can’t see. The autocrat on the other team is just an autocrat that is easier for you to identify. 

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Accountability and Transparency

By: Corey Walsh

When I first started really paying attention to politics it was at the exact wrong time, 2016. I was lured into the political gauntlet by an old man who’s aura felt selfless, and compassionate. One who cared about the little guy and fought for him for decades. His energy gave hope for the future whether you agreed with his ideology or not. One that energized my friends and I to pay attention, to get active, to speak up, to march. We were on track to make history I thought, that is until the very party he was representing pulled the rug out from underneath him. It hurt to see it, the Democrats bent the old man over, had their way with him, pushed him to the ground and took his life alert when they were done. Side note, we’d see him take it again in 2020 in a scene straight out of the movie “Animal House” with Kevin Bacon saying, “thank you sir may I have another”. 

Back to 2016 we saw the DNC explain away any fixing they concocted in their primaries until that damned ol’ Wikileaks exposed the parties collusion to put the old man in his place. In fact they did it so well he kowtowed to the party and endorsed the very person who cheated him, Hillary Clinton. “We have got to beat Trump” is what he told us and many of us still followed his lead, not enough though. As some of us smelt the bullshit and went third party some stuck with him, but alas his cuckholding didn’t save the party. The alternative we got to the Bernster was the Trumpster. 

The next four years we saw an onslaught of rejection, cynicism, and down right hatred for our new commander in chief, most of it well deserving. The man was more divisive than a nuclear fission. For the next four years we heard buzz words like “accountability,” “transparency,” and “decency”. For the next four years we echoed those words regarding the orange man. For the next four years we swallowed tropes like “when they go low we go high” and “this is what democracy looks like”. We retweeted Democrats who feigned love for the justice system, our constitution, our institutions, and fairness. For the next four years we saw investigation after investigation, committee after committee all focused on taking down “The Don”. And I was here for it and those words “accountability” and “transparency” they were ingrained in my brain and I cried out for them. For four years the media along with the democrats drilled those words into our heads. And after four years those words seem to be just that, words. Meaningless words, at least meaningless to our leaders unless they fit good into a news segment or a tweet for clout. Orange man bad after all, right? 

Accountability and transparency are foundations of our constitution, they are an antidote to corruption. That is unless they are used only for political gain. Six years later the presidency has flipped and those words appear to be put to the wayside. As trumps house was getting raided as he’s being investigated, another man being investigated for corruption, tax fraud, and breaking foreign lobbying laws was stepping onto Air Force one with “The big man”. The alleged name for Hunter Bidens father also known as the President when discussing a 10% cut off the top and set aside for him in business deals. Imagine if it was Eric trump in that position hopping on the jet with his dad in this scenario. In a roll reversal you wouldn’t be able to escape the lap top story in the news if it was one of trumps crotch goblins running around doing crack with Russian prostitutes. Instead, thanks to a whistleblower we now know a senior FBI official Timothy Thibault attempted to bury the investigation in a restricted subfolder attempting to hide any evidence. The story that was able to then and now be verified as evidenced by the multiple investigations was painted as Russian misinformation.  If it was Trump not turning over the transcripts to a two hour phone call with Xi Jinping, the president of china when the two have different recollections of the conversation it would be all over the news with those two words in the headlines. These are just two examples of how “accountability” and “transparency” mean dog shit to politicians who are in office to serve themselves and keep political opponents at bay.

  To be clear, Trump in handcuffs would absolutely make me smile. There’s no doubt about it, to see a crooked, corrupt, swindling, self serving elitist be brought down would make a lot of people smile, even jump in jubilee. But why do some get a pass and some don’t? Why do we see some flagrantly breaking laws like insider trading, foreign lobbying, tax evasion, concealing top secret documents, and accepting bribes not being brought to justice while others seem to be held to a higher standard? Is that accountability? Is that transparency? I want these words to objectively mean something in this country, this constitutional republic. I want to see every single politician held to the same standard Trump was. It’s what I expect, It’s what I was told our government does for four years and now the script has flipped. Unfortunately voices like mine are drowned out by tribalism and party politics. Transparency and accountability, two more words that can be thrown into the pile of other words that have become meaningless. 

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American Defeatism Contributes to Impending Autocracy (A Nonsensical, Meaningless Rant)

By: Dan Griffin

As the 2022 midterms approach, those of us who care about who our leaders are going to be, start to pay a little closer attention. Which candidates are coming out of the primary system. Which candidates we can support on the issues and on their character. Which candidates we disagree with. And which candidates vow to give us the changes that benefit the most Americans and keep the institutions in place that have already given us so much. And make the adjustments necessary to the institutions that need work. While fighting to downsize the institutions that cause Americans harm through loss of liberty and due to unchecked corruption.

But wait…. Damn it! It was just a glorious dream. A dream of the way “we the people” should approach each election cycle. Instead we’re forced to view it through the lens of an electron microscope staring into the vastness of the universe. By doing so, “we the people” are broken off into two camps. But they may not be what you think.

If you’re an avid reader of any type of partisan, corporatized news. Or a reader of hyper partisan independent news, you’re likely in the camp of the indoctrinated. The camp that has you “othering” your neighbor into a box of evil people that don’t even deserve to be heard. For their beliefs, opinions, and political leanings are that of evil and are to be regarded as dangerous. These people swim in an Olympic sized pool of “misinformation”, violence, and anti-democratic conspiracy theories. They are the current boogie men, hell bent on bringing our democracy to its knees.

If you’re the type that looks at the current version of society with a tired malaise and walks away from a political discussion or debate for fear of exhausting yourself into a metaphorical insane asylum, you’re likely in the camp of the defeated. 

The sad reality behind this is that most Americans in both camps will head to the ballot box for the fourth time since November of 2016 with remarkably low expectations for the outcome. Look no further than recent polls showing that a heavy majority of Americans don’t want either the current President or his predecessor to start another term in January of 2025. Or perhaps polling that shows that republicans rank Trump’s “Stop The Steal” election integrity conspiracy well down the list of important issues, yet every republican candidate seems to be running with that issue near the top of their platform. Or the fact that Joe Biden’s polling numbers are so low, you couldn’t slide a credit card under them if they were a limbo bar. 

The defeatist attitudes know no party. They know no candidate. They are in the hearts of nearly every voter that heads to the ballot box. Trump supporters in Pennsylvania have Tweeted in droves over the past few weeks about how Dr. Oz is getting his balls drug through a wood planer by a nearly comatose John Fetterman in their Senate election. What are they saying? “Oz is a RINO and he’s bad for us, but I have to vote for him because I don’t have a choice.” Bernie Sanders supporters that had a loathing hatred for Hilary in 2016 had to hold their nose and vote for the right-wing democratic establishment candidate even as the DNC railroaded Bernie right out in the open for all of us to see. Bernie himself has lost the will to fight for anything he truly believes in.

“I don’t have a choice……” The most undemocratic, defeatist phrase one can utter when speaking about free and fair elections. The fact is you do have a choice. You can choose to stop being afraid. You can choose to stop allowing your mind to molded like a Christmas chocolate Santa into a fearful, hate-filled, angry robot who thinks your neighbor is responsible for why gas prices are at a record high. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and their establishment cronies have done a good enough job blaming voters for all of our country’s ills. The same way a CEO blames the underpaid, under-insured, broken down worker for why prices are so high and production is so low while he sits on a ninety foot yacht, drinking crystal and doing handfuls of blow with the board members.  

We the people have to stop being defeatist. Stop voting for these people. Especially out of fear. Stop falling for this nonsense that the other team is going to destroy America. That they are going to put women into breeding camps underground or play communist Robinhood and take your money out of your wallet and hand it to some San Fransisco vagrant. The way we’ve been operating as a nation is what is going to cause all of that if we don’t choose to turn it around ourselves. The more we allow our politicians to control us with fear, the more our candidates are going to move to the fringes of authoritarian power. 

Weimar Germany didn’t become Nazi Germany simply because Hitler just chose to take over one day. He undermined a democratic system using fear and a tanked economy after nearly two decades of an extremist political, fear mongering war between the far left and far right. With everyone in the middle losing hope and feeling defeated and unheard. Does it matter what kind of undemocratic dystopia we become? Communist or Fascist?…take your pic. Or keep fighting for democracy by ending the fight amongst yourselves and allowing those of us that support the free market of ideas to bring you into our club. And if you’re in the free market of ideas, please speak up. We need to be heard in order to break the fear.

We do have a choice.

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Why Hunter Biden will always be a nothing Burger.

By: Corey Walsh

“Oh, Hunter you crazy son of a bitch” are the words I usually utter to myself when I see the crazy stories come out about the man. A man who acts exactly like you’d expect a crack addict to act. Now I don’t say this to disparage addiction, my personal belief is it is in fact a disease. When pressed my response is that someone has to have a chemical imbalance to knowingly put their bodies through hell on a path that ultimately leads to death. Whether it be today or ten years from now, in an alley or in the white house rose garden. “A chemical imbalance” is a simplified term to describe all sorts mental disorders including self harm, why would putting oneself in harms way knowing the outcome be any different even if in the short term the self infliction results in instant gratification? I have my crutches, we all do. The difference is some of us can set up parameters, and some succumb to their demons and are engulfed due to a lack of properly firing neurons to combat impulsivity. I’m no scientist or doctor, but I’ve worked in the mental health industry. Traumatic brain injuries to be precise and one of the things you learn is based on an injury, impulsivity is a common after effect when someones brain get knocked around a bit too much. That brain “wiring” so to speak is fragile and complex and sometimes is wired just a tad bit faulty to where someone is a little bit “off” by societies standards. 

This is by no means giving Hunter a pass. I can feel bad for the guy as a person but still be pissed about how he has gallivanted around on his daddies name making millions not on the sweat of his own brow, but the silver spoon he was born with in his mouth that has been used to melt down various mind altering substances. Being from a broken, repaired, broken, repaired family I’ve seen the devastation of what drugs can do to loved ones. I’ve seen family members tackle their demons and I’ve seen family members who are no longer with us get tackled by their demons. 

And that leads to my first grievance. Ive personally watched family members be thrown in jail and break our family up over a smidge of what Hunter was doing with Russian prostitutes. While he was out living a consequence free rock and roll lifestyle in his Fonzie leather blazer. If it wasn’t for his name he would’ve been on the same corners my relatives were, being busted by police and thrown in jail for 90 day stints in the wash, rinse, repeat, cycle our judicial system has become due to our war on drugs. The double standards of the elite verses the working class in this country has, for far too long, been a pay for play for the rich and a lock’em up and throw away the key for the peasants. 

My second grievance is with the American people who have fallen for the shiny object, the easy target of the aforementioned drug addiction. Sure the memes can be comical, it’s easy to disparage someone who’s daddy has got him where he is and just who his daddy is for that matter. And let’s be honest thats just what the Biden family wants. They know their son is by all accounts a fuck up, disease or not you can try to heal it or let it fester and when your enabler is the commander in chief you don’t need to heal, the pain can continually be mended by the very disease itself. The memes are the perfect distraction from the Chinese companies hunter has stake in that are owners of subsidiaries that are buying our strategic oil, Or the Henniges transaction, or Burisma. All tales that can lead to assumptions of conflict of interest and rightfully so. All examples of the elite serving self interests while the working class works more hours for less pay. But go ahead, talk about the crack pipes and Hookers, You’re making the Biden family proud. A fuck up son is always easier to explain away and laugh off than shady behind closed door deals made in smokey rooms. 

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Believe all women? or just some? 

By: Corey Walsh

With the closing of the sensationalized defamation case against Amber Heard, it seems as though there was a paradigm shift in the conversation of the “#METOO” movements. In both the courtroom and the court of public opinion, people both men and women have migrated to the “team Johnny” side of the argument. Personally, I’m all out of fucks to give regarding the shit show put on in the courtroom while two very rich broken people drug each others names through the dirt in some attempt salvage their tarnished names on a nationally televised stage. And I like Johnny, not just as a pirate but he himself and would love to drink a brew with the guy whose mind is clearly on a different wavelength than most. He brought to life one of my favorite books, “The Rum Diaries” by Hunter S. Thompson and it still blows my mind that that movie is where he met the woman who’d make his life hell for a stint. But a jury decided that’s all behind the guy now, as he picks up what’s left of his vindicated name and pride and carries on to new drug and booze induced adventures. And God speed to the man, stay away from the crazies johnny, no matter how pretty they look in the passenger seat of a ’59 Corvette. 

Believe all women, still a saying I think we need to in the very least adhere too. I’d also add believe all children, or teenagers especially based on recent events we’ve seen tragically unfold. Shit after the Johnny Depp trial I’d even say believe all men. Voices who aren’t heard lash out against themselves or even others they love or don’t know sometimes in tragically violent episodes that end with the loss of life. I just wish these sayings that get retweeted to the point of cliched cringe were taken seriously by our elected officials and non profit organizations even when it wasn’t politically beneficial. Believe all women unless your Andrew Cuomo and the president of the LGBTQ Human Rights Campaign helps you respond to sexual assault allegations. He did end up getting fired but, believe all women? In an article by Brittany Bernstein she writes “Two of the co-founders of Time’s Up, an anti-harassment group created in response to the #MeToo Movement, helped New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s office draft a letter to discredit a woman who accused him of sexual assault, according to a report by the state attorney general.” Believe all women? In 1993 according to congressional records, Tara Reades mother called into Larry Kings show asking “Yes, hello. I’m wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington? My daughter has just left there, after working for a prominent senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him.” Tara Reade of course was ignored. No big televised trial for her like there was for Brett Kavanaughs confirmation that centered on nothing but beer and sexual assault. Just shoved under the rug was a sexual assault allegation against our current president. We saw first hand what happens when the tables are turned for someone who isn’t cozy with feminist movements or the liberal media and have to look no further than the previous doofus in chief. The smallest allegations were thrown against the wall to see what would stick. But at least those poor women got to have their voices heard, over and over again. 

Now we’re on to another allegation regarding Elon Musk, a masseuse, a not so happy ending and a horse? Following the trend of believe all women based on what’s politically beneficial this on is looking to dominate the airwaves. Now as a skeptic I find it awfully convenient that this accusation came out the day after Musk said he was voting Republican. Honestly a dumb temper tantrum equivalent to a toddler hitting his head on the ground cause he hurt his finger but I digress. Even still, if I think it’s a crock of shit I want this woman’s voice to be heard. I want to see receipts. What I don’t want to see is a movement continually discredited by the very party who claims to advocate for it. 

To be very, very clear I still believe all women and want the ALL the facts made available and clear to everyone. one in six women are sexually assaulted in their lifetimes. in 2019 over four hundred thousand women were sexually assaulted. These things sadly happen in our society and calling out the perverts is a step in the right direction. The problem is the cancer on our culture is seen through a political lens like everything else. Worthy and unworthy victims caught in a cesspool of hyper partisan ship who’s word is based on ideology. Let’s not just hear what women have to say, but listen. Even if what we find isn’t what we want to hear and have to throw out our Coogi sweaters when we find out the lovable Dr. Cosby was drugging and raping women. 

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Golf, False Equivalence, and Genocide.

By Dan Griffin

Outside of family and friends, there are two things that are important to me in 2022. They are transparency about humanitarian crisis, and the game of golf. For the past few months, the two have crossed paths like never before with the announcement of the Saudi-backed LIV golf league. And subsequently, PGA players exiting the PGA tour to take part in the new league.

It shouldn’t be hard to see why this is upsetting to those of us that like to keep track of the world’s evils. But it’s even more upsetting to those of us that also enjoy watching the best in the world swing their sticks on sleepy summer weekend afternoons. 

I, for one was hopeful that PGA players would scoff at the idea of playing in a golf league that is backed by a tyrannical, corporatized, genocidal “government” that hangs homosexuals publicly, believes rape is the fault of the victim, and is systematically attempting to eradicate the Houthi people in Yemen. Money be dammed in any amount. There is no way these (already well-to-do) men are going to be caught dead taking a paycheck from mass murderers. 

I’ve been proven wrong. With the likes of Major Championship winners Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, Phil Mickelson, Patrick Reed, and Sergio Garcia all deciding that a few thousand dead brown kids is plenty worth it for a payday. A pay day that is astronomical in comparison to their earnings on the PGA tour, by the way. Dustin Johnson alone was offered $100M+ in guaranteed money to play in LIV. Matching his career prize money earnings on the PGA Tour which began back in 2007. This $100M is just to play. It does not include added bonuses and event purses. So you can see why all of that dough would be tempting. If the paychecks weren’t being signed by a regime of murderers. 

The first question you may ask is, how can the Saudis afford to pay all of this money out on an experimental golf league? Simple. Saudi Aramco, the “public” petrol company owned by the Saudi Government has been tussling with Apple as the most valuable company in the world. With a market value of $2.39T as of May 27, 2022. The money is no object for the Saudis. They don’t care about turning a profit on LIV. It’s nothing more than a Westernized cover for their atrocities. People love sports. What better propaganda arm than well-known professional athletes? Just ask the Chinese Communist Party how they feel about the NBA.

There is certainly some backlash directed at the PGA players. But not nearly enough to matter. So why is it so easy for these golfers to slide over to LIV with very little public backlash? 

The same reason Saudi Arabia has been able to escape backlash from the corporatized, state media for decades. The Saudis have oil. We need oil. (We shouldn’t need their oil, but that’s another monologue entirely). Administrations on both sides of the aisle have walked in and kissed the feet of the Crowned Princes for years. Republicans and Democrats both agree that dead American journalists and brown kids are a small price to pay for almost anything, but especially oil. So if there is no way to spin the Saudis up in our culture-war infotainment, why bother talking about it? Ukrainians on the other hand are both white refugees, and tied up in a war with Russia. Now there is some sexy propaganda to get Americans pissed at each other and voting for shitty candidates for fear of the “other” blowing up the country.

And then there is the false equivalence angle. Sports media getting involved in politics is always a drunken stroll into a whore house. They either sit on the side of the room nervously pretending nothing is happening. Or they dive in head first and walk our with crabs in their eyebrows. 

I’ve seen hot takes ranging from the more thoughtless and relatively benign “Well, when somebody offers you money…you take it.” To the smooth brained: “What’s wrong with these guys getting paid?! Do you buy gasoline and Nike shoes?! Stop with the selective outrage!!”. With the latter belonging to a pretty prominent morning talk show host in Detroit. The oil comparison being idiotic because it is a remarkably nuanced global market and geo-political issue. It’s also a product we all HAVE to use to live. Many people are unhappy with how we acquire it. The Nike comparison being dumb, because not everybody wears Nikes, and Nike may be paying children 3 cents to make a pair of shoes in a third world country. But last I checked, they’re not hanging them in the streets for their sexual orientation or bombing them off the face of the Earth for their religious beliefs. That’s how shitty this is. I’m defending Nike. That may be a first. That was just one example of the takes you get when the sports media injects itself into a political or geo-political issue. 

The PGA players that left to join LIV is not nuanced. It’s not difficult. And it’s not much of a debate. They took a large payday from a group of war criminals and genocidal maniacs to play a game. Which is certainly their right. As it is my right and the right of all humanitarians to call them what they are. A group of men making blood money paid by the perpetrators of possibly the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis. 

Make no mistake. I’m well aware that with the things I buy, the way I live, and the country that I live in that I am in some way participating in a humanitarian problem somewhere around the world. I think most of us are. But if Kim Jong Un came to me and offered me $100M to produce a propaganda podcast for his regime. It’s not complicated. It’s not nuanced. The answer is “no…you piece of shit.” 

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Growing pains

By: Corey Walsh

Recently a friends father got covid. The virus is still slipping its way in and out of our daily lives like the DM’s from horny teenagers in Rihannas instagram messenger. The news of a positive test doesn’t come as such a shock these days as we have adjusted, no adapted to the idea that virtually everyone we know is going to come into contact with the vicious virus. Some will be pissed they’re missing two weeks of life and can’t smell their favorite candles, a sort of inconvenience. Others will gasp for their last breaths on their living room floor waiting for an ambulance to arrive. 

“A year from now we’ll all laugh at this covid nonsense, well not all of us, obviously” was a meme I shared to kick off the covid quarantines, it was and arguably still is a very dark but funny statement. I in fact shared it with people who thought it was hilarious and sadly, aren’t here anymore due to the very thing we were laughing at. Humor has a way of making light of a situation, a coping mechanism that gets us through hard times. Hard times that for that moment, everything is all right. Through these tough times with bits of laughter were going to come out on the other end, a bit more traumatized and battered sure, but we’ll be here to carry on. 

My friends father is ok by the way, and it was the phone call that lead to the inspiration for this piece. When he broke the news we messaged back in forth what now could only be called common knowledge that a short two years ago was foreign to the collective whole. “Get a pulse-ox,” “Diaphragmatic breathing, belly breathing is good for the lungs and getting oxygen” “Zinc, Vitamin C  or any vitamins for the immune system” “Ask about a nebulizer” “Ask about monoclinic antibodies” “Don’t be afraid to go to the ER” “Keep in contact” “Stay healthy”. We all have a better grasp how viruses work and how they are spread. These are all a far cry from the generic and almost elementary “drink fluids and get rest” remarks we all threw around such a short time ago. This is what got me thinking, as a generation below us grows up with a much better understanding of basic human anatomy coupled with the idea that health is one of the most important things due to our generation passing this information down, they will be much better off for it. This all of course goes without saying the advancements in the medical field from the ample amounts of data collected from this pandemic.

We are now seeing people wear masks when they are sick, it is way more acceptable now for people to stay home if they feel ill, or wear a mask in public without being looked at like you have the plague. These are inherently good things for our species and our mental and physical health. As humankind advances we’ll have obstacles, but these obstacles are growing pains that are for the benefit of our children. With all the pain and hardship we see I find solace in the fact that our offspring will be better off for it. Growing pains. Perspective. 

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Democrats and their codified complacency

By: Corey Walsh

“My body, my choice” has long been a mantra and just a short six months ago was adopted by the right regarding government overreach on what an individual citizen of these United States can do with his or her body. I was exuberant I thought we were really getting somewhere. “You see what an ever encroaching government can do?” “You see how fast the tables can turn?” Were questions I had for my conservative friends, I thought we were really progressing personal liberties in our country. That is until “The Leak” regarding  Roe V. Wade. A lingering unfinished, only settled issue that has divided our country for almost fifty years. For people my age it’s been the precedent our entire lives that the Court ruled the Constitution of the United States protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction. The fact that this is so arbitrary that the rights of 100 million women can just be taken away by the stroke of a pen, one ruling, makes you question the whole system we’ve grown up knowing. How? How does this happen? How does fifty year old precedent get thrusted into the spotlight just to be kneecapped in what appears to be an overnight flip of a switch? The answer isn’t one you want to hear, but precedent isn’t law, but more of a reference in judgments. Roe didn’t codify anything but instead set precedent that abortion is a right guaranteed by our constitution, based on interpretation of the law already written. The constitution which is considered both a living and dead document depending on which ideological bender one is on that day was interpreted in the 70’s under the 14th amendment, specifically the due process clause in said amendment that a “right to privacy” protects a pregnant woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. 

As someone who takes the constitution and the well thought out amendments that dwell inside the carefully considered document that promises our intrinsic rights very seriously, the “right to privacy” should be one of the least controversial rights promised to us. This goes for overbearing bureaucracy  like the NSA or decisions made between a doctor and their patient, regardless of age, sex, or gender. In saying this I know that our supreme court might interpret things differently through time as we have different biases, ideologies, and life experiences that influence the judgments of the highest court. And I am completely ok with that, what courts once thought was protected by the constitution like slavery, segregation, ban on gay marriage, changed over time as we as a nation grew together. It’s the courts themselves that have this progressive power to the betterment of “we the people”. The flip side of this is when there is a concerted effort promulgated by personal ideologies entrenched in subjective morals based on ones own beliefs with no regards for a fellows citizens personal liberties promised by our bill of rights we see tumultuous flip flops that causes the justified outrage of the targeted groups who’s lives are being directly affected. 

So, how does this happen? What we’re seeing today is the culmination of roughly fifty years of tactical moves by the republicans. While the democrats focused their efforts on expanding the federal government at the national level, the republicans spent their time working on the states and local seats. Focusing on candidates that would appoint judges up and down the ladder from circuit to federal positions. Which based on this leaked opinion seems to have paid off. Remember, the constitution Ive mentioned countless times in this piece also promises the states an exorbitant amount of power under amendment 10. States rights, which also can be argued as both a very good or bad thing based on what the argument and your interpretation of our laws is in any given scenario. So as the dems expanded the fed with countless bureaucratic departments the GOP was behind the scenes biding their time, roughly fifty years, to strike. It takes 38 states to ratify an amendment and the Republicans know that and have had all the time in the world to lay a foundation for that path. 

But this is something we knew, the Republicans didn’t exactly hide this strategy. Where were the democrats? These bastards have had majorities some considered super that had the power to codify the rights of women. Why didn’t they? Why haven’t the dems who love federal power codify a law that would’ve been supported by an until very recently liberal leaning supreme court, make a law to protect body autonomy? Why did they let this slip through the cracks only to feign shock when the GOPs plans came to fruition? I thought they could walk and chew gum at the same time? 

My take? They didn’t want to, they could string voters along for roughly fifty years with the threat of Roe being struck down. “Gotta get out the vote to protect women rights” “vote blue no matter who!” Yea? How’s that working for us? While they sat idly by in apathy they saw the other side of the isle working over time and didn’t do anything other than introduce bills they know wouldn’t pass intentionally to stir up the base. 

Ultimately what these types of rulings, laws, opinions from our “leaders” tell me is that daddy government thinks you, and I are too dumb to make decisions about our own bodies and what we believe is what’s best for ourselves. Data backs this up, as sex education becomes less stigmatized, and contraceptives become more effective we’ve seen a trend of abortions going down for the last thirty years. Personally I Believe with all my heart that women aren’t idiots, that they don’t need men or other women for that matter telling them what’s best for them, and that they can make personal informed decisions based on their unique circumstance for themselves without an overbearing government telling them what they can and can’t do. “My body, my choice.”

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